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Neighbor-Related Issues You Can Solve By Moving To A 55+ Community

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Depending on where you live, you may occasionally experience issues with your neighbors that are troublesome. Depending on your relationship with the neighbors and your own personality, you may choose to address these issues in person or through a letter in their mailbox, or you may simply keep things to yourself. If you begin to find that these problems are consistently bothering you, you may even think about moving — however, you may be concerned about moving to a new neighborhood, only to encounter similar problems. There are a number of issues that you can solve by moving to a 55+ community. Here are some examples. Noisy Children If you’re the type of person who favors his or her tranquility, whether it’s to sit in the backyard and read or do some gardening, noisy children playing in the surrounding yards may be a problem. This issue is difficult to solve because many parents understandably don’t put volume restrictions on their children outdoors. After all, many parents say, “If you’re going to be loud, do it outside.” This issue won’t be a problem if you move to a 55+ community. The lack of children, with the exception of the occasional visiting grandchildren, means that you can expect your neighborhood to be devoid of this issue. Cluttered Neighbors’ Yards Many 55+ communities have firm rules that specify how residents should keep their yards. This can be a welcome change if you’ve been plagued with neighbors who keep broken-down vehicles, recreational gear, furniture, kids’ toys, and other bulky items in their yards. You may look out your window in the morning and have half the view obscured by an old RV that hasn’t moved in five years, for example. When you relocate to a 55+ community, one of the big changes you’ll notice is the pride of ownership. Challenges With Finding Peers It’s often fun to see a moving truck pull into your street, as you know that new residents will be arriving and this can provide you with an opportunity to make new friends. If you’re a senior citizen, however, you may find that you struggle to find peers in your neighborhood. While you can be friendly with younger adults, you may crave the connection that often comes with making friends with people of your age. When you move into a 55+ community, you’ll appreciate how all the residents are generally within the same age group, which may make it easier for you to find...

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Tips for a Quick Home Sale in a Slow Market

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If you must quickly sell your family’s house to move closer to where your ill parent lives, start your new job, or deal with other circumstances, then you will be happy to know this is something that can be accomplished. There are many specific things you can do to improve your chances of getting purchase offers for your home in a slow real estate market. To ensure your success, here are some tips for quickly selling your home in a slow real estate market: Make Your House Stand Out Above All Others In a slow real estate market, buyers become very picky when they view homes. Since there are so many properties on the market, buyers will always gravitate towards the few homes that stand out above all the others. For this reason, if you want to sell your home in a slow market, then you need to ensure that your home is the one that stands out.  Some ways you can make your home rise to the top are: deep clean the entire house remove all of your clutter and personal items repaint walls that need a new coat of paint or are an offensive color replace aged or damaged flooring In addition, if you have dated appliances in your kitchen, you should replace them with current models. Buyers often see older appliances as a costly upgrade they’ll have to make soon after moving in and will pass up your home for one with new appliances installed.  Improve the Curb Appeal With Professional Landscaping Potential real estate buyers make a very quick judgment about your home when they first drive up to it. If the landscaping is overgrown or does not have an appealing look, then they will leave and go buy a different home. To invite buyers into your home, you need to have the yard professionally landscaped. Not only does your landscaper need to prune and trim the existing trees and vegetation, but they also need to ensure that the landscape’s design works well with the style of your home. Make Your House’s Interior Smell Wonderful Finally, one major turn-off for home buyers is unusual or unappealing smells in a home. For this reason, clean your home well, and then bake a pan of cookies before your open house events. The smell will make people feel at home and will mask any lingering odors in your home. For day-to-day home cooking or bathroom odors, keep a can of your favorite air freshener handy and use it sparingly to cover any offensive odors.  For more tips on selling your home quickly, talk to a real estate agent at Sell My House...

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Oh The Places You Will Go! Investigating A Home Like A Pro Before Making An Offer

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The whole process of shopping for a home you will make your own is terribly exciting. You get to spend your days traipsing through houses and envisioning your family and belongings tucked inside, and this can definitely be a lot of fun. However, in all seriousness, buying a home is a really big deal and deserves a keen eye for detail and a little dirty work. Way too many buyers sift through home after home without stopping to check in all the hidden spots before they decide to make an offer. Roll your sleeves up, put on your boots, grab a flashlight, and even prepare to get a little dirty. You never want to make an offer on a home before checking these often-neglected areas.  The Attic  The attic is often seen as an unused, unimportant space, so chances are, you will not make the effort to go up there in a home you are thinking about buying, but you really should. Fold down that ladder and climb up with a flashlight because there are some things up there you need to be checking, such as: if there is adequate insulation if there are signs of leaks from the roof if there are obvious signs of rodent issues if the space seems to be heated or cooled when it should not be climate controlled The Crawl Space If a home has a basement, consider yourself lucky. You can easily strut your way into the basement or cellar in most homes and take a good look without getting dirty. However, checking out the crawlspace is just as important if you are serious about making an offer. The crawlspace holds a lot of inside secrets. For example, standing water under there likely points to problems with drainage, and foul odors in the crawlspace may mean septic issues.  The Closets A seller may look at you a little strange if you pull out a flashlight and step into even the smallest closets in the house, but there is nothing strange about this at all. The fact is, if a homeowner has taken the time to cover up things like water damage in the rest of the rooms with paint, there is a decent chance they will miss some spots inside of the closets. Get in there and look up around the ceilings and walls to see if you can spot any signs of water damage, like discoloration or dark moldy spots.  For information on houses for sale, contact a real estate company like Stacy...

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Finding A Home For Your Large Family: What To Look For

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Having a large family is a blessing you have always wanted, and you welcome the close-knit feel of your growing brood. While your situation may be unique with most of Americans saying that 2 children is the ideal, you love having a large brood and the chaos that can come with it. You want the best for your kids, and living in a beautiful and spacious home in a welcoming neighborhood has been your dream for years. As you search for your new home, keep the needs of your large family in mind so you can find a place to call home and build memories in for many years. Here are qualities in a property you can enjoy for your larger family. Finished basement A finished basement allows your older children to live downstairs while you can keep your younger kids close. Teens love to have their privacy and need a place where they can interact with their friends or do their homework in peace. Choosing to buy a home with a finished basement can allow them to feel like they have their own space away from pesky, younger siblings while still being part of the family. The living area in the basement can be a family or game room, or it can be sectioned off so kids have a quiet place to study. Open floor plan A home with an open floor plan can offer more space and make the interior of your home feel less crowded. Choose a home that has an open space from the living room to the kitchen and dining area so the busiest parts of your home are welcoming and easy to access. Open floor plans also make adding onto your home easier when you need more bedrooms as your children grow. More private rooms, such as a home office and bathrooms, can be tucked away in hallways to offer a more classic home design you can appreciate. In addition to an open floor plan, you will want a home with patio doors so you can access the outdoors easily. A wraparound porch or large patio allows your children easy access to the outdoors even if they don’t want to actively play out in the yard and can feel like an extension of your home. Large, fenced in yard You want to have a safe place where your children can play, so seek a home that has a fully fenced front and back yard. If you can, buy a home that has a corner lot, as these kinds of home typically have larger yards and limit the amount of immediate neighbors you have. Buying a home away from main busy roads as well can give you a greater sense of security while your children are playing...

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Seemingly Innocent Things That Will Be Flagged During a Home Inspection

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It’s a good idea to make sure that your home is in proper shape when you list it for sale. You may begin to receive offers quickly, and the arrival of an offer conditional on a home inspection means that the interested buyer will be arranging for his or her home inspector to visit your property. This won’t leave you with time to address the potential problems that could scare buyers away. As you evaluate the work that needs to be done, you may notice some seemingly innocent things that you initially feel like overlooking. On their own, these things won’t likely scare a buyer away, but collectively, they may make buyers feel that there’s too much work to be done. Here are some of these small issues. Uneven Stones in Your Front Walk Walkways settle over time, and that means that your front walkway may have some stones that are higher than others. This can seem like a very minor issue, but you should count on a buyer’s home inspector highlighting this situation in his or her report. This is because uneven stones can be a tripping risk, resulting in an injury to a resident or a visitor—and this concern could get in the way of your ability to sell your home for your desired price. No GFCIs Around Sinks Homes are supposed to be equipped with ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets around sinks. Most homes have this feature, but not every home does. You might dismiss this as not being important. After all, maybe you don’t use a hair dryer and so are never at risk of holding an electronic device in the bathroom that you could drop in the sink and be shocked by. However, the home inspector will certainly flag this issue as being important due to the potential shock risk. Sinks That Drain Slowly You may have one or more sinks that drain slowly, and this might not seem like a big deal if you believe there’s a buildup of hair in the sink drains. Furthermore, you may expect that this issue would be overlooked during the home inspection, but this isn’t apt to be the case. Home inspectors will often run water in each of the sinks throughout the home to see how they drain. While a slow-draining sink could simply be a result of hair that could easily be removed with a drain snake, this problem can also result from a blocked pipe, which is more serious and will be highlighted on the inspection report. Talk to a company such as Results1Realty for more...

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3 Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home

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Choosing the right house to call your own can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It’s important to have the right amount of expertise on your side when making this monumental choice and to rely on a real estate agent is ideal. The good news is there are many advantages to selecting this professional to assist you when buying a home. Being aware of what some of these benefits are may be extremely helpful to you and motivate you to select the ideal agent today. Benefit #1: Find what you want Each person is different when it comes to having a dream home. You may want a large backyard and a small kitchen while another person prefers less yard and a huge place for cooking meals. The good news is when you rely on a real estate agent, this person can listen to you about the amenities you want and then search these out for you. This can be the best method for finding the things you want on any property you’re considering to purchase. Benefit #2: Advice on pricing It’s easy to get emotionally attached to any home that you like and be willing to offer more than what it’s worth. However, a professional will help you avoid doing this by giving you an accurate price on the value of the home. This can be helpful when it comes to reducing the possibility of overspending on the house. Benefit #3: Answer questions Knowing as much as possible about any home you want to buy is important. For instance, learning about the location surrounding your home can be extremely helpful to you.  If you have kids, you’ll want to know the school districts that are nearby. You’ll also want to be aware of the medical providers and shopping areas to help you make the best decision to meet your needs. In fact, it’s a great idea to make a list of questions when meeting with your agent about any particular house you’re considering to purchase. This can enable you to get direct answers on questions you may forget later. One of the best ways to find a home you love and at a price you can afford may rest in having a professional to help you. Be sure to rely on a real estate agent in your area today to assist you with all of your home buying...

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2 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent To Purchase Your Home

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There are many different things to think of when purchasing a home. You are going to need to know what type of home you are looking for, your budget, and what homes are for sale. There are a lot of things that you can control, but it is very hard to know where to find homes that are for sale. For this reason it is very wise to use a real estate agent. Some might think that a real estate agent might be expensive; however, when you are a buyer, the real estate agent’s commission is paid by the seller. There are many things to consider when buying a home, but here are 2 reasons to use a real estate agent to help you find your home.  A Real Estate Agent Has The Listings You could drive all around a big city or small town looking for homes to buy. At the end of the day, you may only find a few homes that are for sale. The homes that you do find might not meet any of the criteria that you have for your home. This is one of the biggest reasons that you will want a real estate agent to help you. A real estate agent is going to have all the listings of homes for sale in the area. What makes it better is they will know exactly what homes fit your criteria. One of the biggest things that a real estate agent is going to do is save you time. Instead of you searching for hours on end, you will be looking at the few homes that fit your criteria. Once you see the homes that fit your criteria, you will be able to make a choice and be in your new home.  Know The Home A real estate agent is going to know the local market, and they are going to know the history of the home. They are going to know if it had water damage at one point. They will also be able to tell you if the asking price of the home is accurate. If the asking price of the home is off, then a real estate agent might help you negotiate a price. Also when walking in a home, a real estate agent will be priceless when looking for defects and things that need to be fixed before the sell. For more information on how a real estate agent can assist you in finding and buying your new home, contact an agency like Chris Calhoon Real...

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Three Tips For Buying Property Out Of Your Area

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Purchasing real estate is one of the most useful investments you can make. This diversifies your portfolio and allows you to rent it out in a variety of ways or flip it in a property sale. With this said, one of the best ways to invest in real estate is to look at all potential hotspots, even if they are in another state or country. People limit themselves by only purchasing investment real estate in their own area, while overlooking opportunities elsewhere. To make the most out of your real estate investing opportunities, consider these tips below to make the wisest decisions when buying real estate out of your area and comfort zone.  Find The Best Property Managers Available In order to make sure that you are keeping up with your property, drawing in rent, making the necessary repairs and overall keeping an eye on the property, you should hire a property manager that specializes in the area. This is particularly critical since you are buying a property that you can’t see or deal with everyday. Make sure that you truly background check the real estate agent or manager, since they will have a large role in this property. You should also make sure that they can hold you to a fee structure that works for you. Some contractors charge a flat fee, while others will take a percentage of rent every month. Learn The Lay Of The Land And The Way To Do Business You also need to be sure that you do everything that you can to learn the geography of where the house is, along with the culture and how business is conducted. While it is very possible to do business across state or federal lines, you need to learn as much as you can about the area and put a face with a name with people in the area whenever possible. Every area has its nuances and ways of handling certain issues. For example, wiring large sums of money is very possible in the Bahamas, but might be difficult in other localities. Do your homework so that you understand what you are dealing with. Make It Easy To Travel When Necessary Since you are owning property in another area, you should arrange your life so that you are able to travel there whenever possible. You could arrange a nice business vacation there every year to stay at the property and make sure things are being handled as they should. Regardless, invest in quality luggage, keep your passport valid and seek frequent-flier mile programs whenever possible. You can also apply for TSA pre-check and global entry for approximately $200 in application fees and background checks. Consider these three points so you can purchase any real estate property that you...

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3 Tips For Dealing With Rats And Mice In Winter

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One of the best strategies against home invasions by rats and mice is to keep them from seeking shelter in your home in the first place. For instance, rodents are perfectly happy to remain outdoors during the warm summer months, but when nighttime temperatures begin to dip in autumn, they start looking for cozy places to spend the winter — and that’s when homeowners get busy sealing up any and all possible access points. However, many people find themselves dealing with invasions of rodents during the winter months either because they missed an access point or simply didn’t realize that things needed to be sealed up. Following are three tips for dealing with rats and mice in the home during winter.  Don’t Seal Access Points  Although it may be tempting to get out there and identify and seal up access points, doing so during winter will only serve to trap rodents inside your home. Cracks, crevices, holes, and other ways that rodents could possibly access your home interior should be sealed only after you are 100-percent positive that no rodents remain indoors. Seeking the assistance of rodent control services is recommended in instances where indoor rodent populations are high.  Don’t Feed the Rodents  All trash should be placed in a sealed receptacle and removed from the home on a regular basis. Because rodents are nocturnal, taking the trash out at night is the best way to ensure that they don’t enjoy midnight feasts from your garbage pail. Also, keep your kitchen and living areas free of leftover food and crumbs. One of the biggest mistakes, however, that otherwise vigilant homeowners make, is leaving pet food out at night. Rodents love pet food and could live off it indefinitely. If Fido or Fluffy doesn’t eat all of his or her dinner, seal it up in a thick plastic bag before turning in for the night. Establish regular pet feeding times and optimal amounts so that leftover food isn’t constantly in the bowl. Although some people like to leave food in their pets’ dishes at all times, this strategy could easily lead to infestations of rodents.  Keep it Clutter Free Keeping home interiors clutter free is also important when you’re trying to discourage rodents from setting up shop in your house. Clutter of all types provides places for rodents to hide and make nests.  Contact a local pest control service if rodent infestations have become a problem in your home this winter....

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Things to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

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Is the price of real estate low in your area? Are you thinking about purchasing one or more investment properties to rent out to tenants? Investing in real estate can be a great way to make some extra income on the side. Unfortunately, if you don’t do any research into owning rental properties, you may wind up discouraged and could potentially lose money on the venture. Some things to keep in mind when investing in real estate include: Hire a property manager: Unless you like being woken up at 2 am about plumbing issues or other problems that your tenants are facing, hiring a property management company is a good long-term strategy. If you own just one or two properties, you may think that a property management company is unnecessary or is overkill. However, the fewer investment properties you own, the more likely it is that you still have to work a regular day job to pay some or all of the bills. You don’t want to risk losing this job because you had to take time off to handle various tenant issues. A good property manager will enable you to continue to collect money for less effort on your part. Set aside money for repairs: If the mortgage on your investment property is $1200 and you’re able to get $2000 per month for rent, that can seem like $800 worth of pure profit. But it’s important to remember that real estate doesn’t work like that. As a landlord, you’re expected to keep the property in good condition. This means fixing plumbing or electrical issues, some of which can be costly. If you’ve hired a property management company, they may already be setting aside some of the rent in escrow for such a situation. Otherwise, you should open an extra account to save money for possible future repairs. Prepare for vacancies: There are a number of costs that are associated with tenants moving out before you can move new ones in. You may have to pay to have the property cleaned, the carpets replaced, or the walls repainted. While this is going on, you’ll still have to pay the mortgage, and it may take some time to attract a new tenant. While having a good property management company can make this process go more quickly, there are still no guarantees. Aside from your repair fund, it’s a good idea to have 3-6 months of mortgage payments saved up before you start to spend any of the extra money from your rental...

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