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4 Tips For Selling Your Home In A Slow Market

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National and global financial issues lead to slow markets. When this is the case, you may find your home up for sale for months or, in some cases, years. With these four tips, you should be able to improve your chances of being able to SELL your home. S is for Scoping Out The Local Market You may have a selling price, but that doesn’t mean you will get offers in that region. In fact, setting the selling price too high can lead to not getting any offers at all. Undervaluing is just as bad, as you run the risk of making your home look like a financial black hole. Take the time to research the local market, finding out what other homes have sold for. The more you know, the better your asking price will be. E is for Extracting the Best Agent It’s tempting to go it alone or get the cheapest agents, but neither of these will help you in a slow market. You want agents with a trusted reputation and who have managed sales in slow markets in the past. Research and talk to people in your area to find out who they used. Ask for recommendations, and keep an eye to the ground for the best offers. When you are discussing your home with estate agents, find people who are excited about getting the home on the market. You want agencies that can answer all your questions, including where they will market your property for more exposure. L is for Listening to a Home Inspector You don’t want to spend more money than you have to on the home, but this is one of those costs that can help. Buyers don’t want to end up forking out extra money after the sale. They need their money for legal fees, mortgage payments, and insurance rates. If your home needs some repair work, consider doing it. This is especially important for the minor, cosmetic problems that will make your home look perfect. You don’t need to replace the whole bathroom, but do repair work to the tiles, for example. L is for Love Finally, go the extra mile to make your home look like the dream home for viewers. Home staging will get rid of the clutter and rearrange your furniture to make it look just right. A few changes will help rooms look bigger and give each space a purpose. It may not be what you use it for, but just what the viewers need to put in an offer. You should be able to SELL your home must faster – even in a slow market – if you just remember these four tips. For more information, contact local professionals like #1 Properties of...

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How A Property Management Company Boosts Your Profits And Keeps Tenants Happy

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If you are an individual who has invested in property, you may start off trying to manage the property on your own. While this can be done for a while, it will become stressful if you have another job you have to focus on. As an investor, you probably aren’t interested in a full time job as a property manager. As you look to grow your investments and are considering another property, it’s important to have a solid property management company in place in order to make your investments as profitable as possible. A Property Management Company Virtually Pays for Itself While you will pay a property management company to take care of your property, this is money well spent. A good company will be able to keep your units full, collect rent on time, and screen tenants so you have solid, responsible tenants in your units. The money earned from having units full instead of multiple vacancies easily pays for the services of a property management company. Consider that the money you pay a management is part of your investment, and your overall profits will be similar or higher than if you managed the property on your own. Easily Respond to Emergency Maintenance Requests If you’ve tried managing your property on your own, responding to emergency repairs can be a nightmare. Time spent looking for someone to do the repair, or even trying to complete the repair on your own, are all time wasted when you are the property investor. With a property management company in place, emergency requests are handled easily. They will have maintenance people on call, ready to respond to any emergencies so that you don’t have to worry about it. Tenants will know that you care about their well-being when emergencies are responded to right away. Once Your Property Is Well Managed Once your property is full of tenants, and solid management is in place, you now have the time you need to move on to another investment property. As a property owner, the best way to grow your investments is to continually look for opportunities where you can purchase more units. Without the stress of having to manage your property, you can spend your time looking for investment properties that meet your criteria. As you work with your property management company, such as Choice  Maintenance Group LLC, you will also learn if they can handle another property if you decide to purchase...

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Is Calling For Lockout Service Necessary?

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Regardless of how careful you are, you could still lock your keys in the car. When this happens, you can choose to call in a professional locksmith to free your keys or attempt to do it yourself. If you are on the fence about which is the best option for you, here are some things to consider. Can You Unlock It? Cars are designed to keep unauthorized users out. Unless you have experience breaking into a car, getting into your own car can be challenging. Fortunately for you, it is possible though. If you have a post lock, then you might be able to open it with the help of a slip knot or coat hanger. A post lock is one that is pulled up to unlock it. Tie a slip knot in a shoestring or string and slide the string between the door and the frame. If you are able to get the string around the lock, you should be able to pull it up to open the car. You can also manipulate a coat hanger to slide down into the car and unlock the door. Instead of making a knot with the hanger, you need to straighten it out and bend it into a v-shape. Use the hook to snag the lock. If your door’s lock slides or pushes, you will need a straight coat hanger that you can slide into the car. Once it is inside, you will need to exert enough force on the power button to open the door. Due to your positioning, it will be difficult to see the button, so you will need assistance. Should You Call for Help? Unlocking a car by yourself can take a considerable amount of time and patience. Even if you have the time to spare, calling a professional might still be the best option. When you attempt to open the door yourself, it is possible to damage it. The weatherstripping could be damaged and if you snag the coat hanger on another part without realizing it, you could cause damage. A locksmith has tools which he or she can use to quickly get into the car without causing damage. If the locks need to be changed, the locksmith can do it for you on the spot. Ultimately, the decision to call a locksmith or try to work on the door yourself is up to you. However, take some time to determine whether or not you have the time and patience for attempting to open it. Contact a company like A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC for more...

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Want To Take Your Furnishings Along? 3 Qualities To Prioritize With Rental Apartments

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When people go from living in one apartment to another at a young age, it is often easier to part ways with furniture, as opposed to throwing everything into a moving truck and bringing it along. But, you may have always loved the idea of buying a nice furniture set and keeping it with you for several decades. If you are planning to move out of the apartment where you initially bought your furniture collection, your top priority may be figuring out how you are going to get every furniture piece into your new home. Focusing on certain apartment features can minimize the chance of running into any issues. Entry Door Measurements The first thing that you will want to do when looking at an apartment is the entry door measurements. It is typical for them to range anywhere from 28 to 32 inches, so you should prioritize the high end. Another detail that you cannot forget about is the jamb, which will naturally take up some space. If possible, you may want to find out if you can actually remove the door while you are moving in to create more room. Inside Door Dimensions Getting into the front door will help you fit things like the dining room table and living room couch, but it may not do much for bedroom furniture that you will have to fit through other doorways. This is why you need to know the inside door measurements to know whether you can fit the furniture through or not. Some interior doors are smaller than entry doors, which can make things a little tricky. Ideally, you should also prioritize apartments that have 32-inch widths for every inside door that you need to get through. Apartment Location The floor that the apartment is on can play a huge role in your ability to get furniture inside. A narrow staircase to a place on the second floor could make it impossible to bring along your largest possessions. In this case, prioritizing apartments on the first floor is your best bet for avoiding complications. Another detail to consider is whether there are any obstructions around the entrance. For instance, having to go through a hallway before getting to the front door may be something you want to avoid. If you take the time to focus on these details when you go apartment hunting at complexes like Meadowdale Apartments, you should have no problem finding a place that works for safely fitting every piece of furniture that you have...

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Under One Roof — 3 Tips For Finding The Right Multi-Generational Home

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Looking for the right home for your family can be a difficult task. When that family includes several generations under one roof, it can become even harder. But if you’re in the position of buying a house to satisfy everyone — older and younger — here are a few tips to help make your real estate search more successful. Discuss Early and Often. Start the family discussion about your potential new living arrangement as early as possible — preferably in a neutral location rather than around the family dinner table where family dynamics can get in the way. For the best results, be sure to listen to the needs of everyone who will be living in the home and include even those family members who won’t be. Treat every family member’s suggestions, complaints and desires seriously. It might even be good to get each person to make a list of must-haves and don’t-wants so everyone is on the same page when you go house hunting. Be Creative. When looking at houses, recognize that you’re unlikely to find exactly the right layout in a traditional home. Instead, focus on what you can do within the existing confines of already-built homes. Being creative with your imagination can open up a lot more houses that may work for you. Remember that walls can often be moved, entrances may be changed and things like bathrooms can even be added. Can the garage be turned into an apartment on its own? Can you add a story above the garage or house for adult children? Can a master bedroom and adjacent room be repurposed into a suite for a parent?  Think About the Location. You can make a lot of changes to a home’s layout, but you can’t change its location. If the older generation in the home is still active, choosing a neighborhood with easy access to local amenities — grocery stores, parks, senior centers, libraries or other local hangouts — can make the transition easier on everyone. On the other hand, don’t forget the children in the house. If things get a little too close for comfort in the home, it might be important for kids to be able to get outside, meet with friends and enjoy themselves. If you’re unfamiliar with the local area, be sure to work with an experienced real estate agent who knows the neighborhood’s pros and cons.  Following these few steps when beginning your multi-generational home search can help ensure the best possible outcome — a property that everyone in your family will be happy to call...

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Residential Property Management And Settling Disputes With Renters

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Whether you are new to the rental property game or have owned rental properties for years, renter disputes are never easy to deal with. One of the best ways to work through and even avoid rental issues is to hire on a residential property management firm that can interface with your tenants directly. Here are four common tenant-related issues and what a property management team can do to quell these problems. 1. Proper Vetting of Potential Renters The best way to stay out of rental-related disputes is to get the right renters into your properties from day one. With proper screening, interviews, background checks and credit checks, residential property management firms can make sure that potential renters are good candidates. The hope is this will cut down on common renter-related issues such as paying rent on time and abiding by their rental agreement. 2. Better Back-up Documentation Renters may have valid concerns when it comes to their rental status, lease agreements, and existing damages within a property that they don’t want to be held liable for. These issues should be simple to review and discuss, but if you aren’t as organized as you would like and cannot find existing documentation on hand, this can open up disputes. Property management firms can keep copies of all documentation and pre-move in walk-throughs so that all agreements and property status are documented for. 3. Knowledge of Local Laws If you are a property owner that is out of state or are new to renting properties, there can be city, county, and state laws that pertain to your renters. In order to stay out of trouble and out of any sort of legal battle, have a local property management team deal with tenants. They can advise you on laws surrounding the notification process needed for site visits, how to remove tenants, and other legal rights that tenants may have. 4. Faster Response Time to Issues It can be hard enough to keep up with maintenance when it comes to one’s personal property, and can be downright stressful if you have an entire building to tend to. Taking renter’s emergency requests for property maintenance should be taken seriously and shouldn’t be put off. Property management teams can source local, well priced contractors, plumbers, and electricians to keep on top of general and emergency maintenance and interface with tenants. While you might want to save a few bucks and not hire on a residential property management team, they might actually save you money in the long run when it comes to potential renter disputes. Protect yourself and your tenants with a property management firm like Foreside Real Estate Management that can stop renter issues before these blow...

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3 Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent When You Need To Rent A Home And Have Bad Credit

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If you have recently experienced financial or employment problems that have made it hard to pay bills on time, it can be challenging to find a new rental home. Although it is more common now for real estate agents to handle the purchase and sale of homes, you will also find that a few work with rental properties as well. Fortunately, you are likely to discover that finding the rental house you need is easier than you thought as long as you work with an experienced real estate agent and ask the questions listed below. #1-What Can You Do To Make Yourself More Appealing To Homeowners And Prospective Landlords? Although in many areas, credit checks are the norm for any rental application, there may be ways to work around that. For instance, a private owner may not require a credit check if he or she can verify your excellent rental and employment history. If a credit check is necessary, you may find that offering a substantial security deposit is enough to sway the landlord’s opinion of you as a possible renter. It may also be helpful to obtain a copy of your credit report and offer it to the landlord. He or she may appreciate your honesty and that you are saving them time and embarrassment from needing to initiate that conversation with you later on. This is also a good opportunity to explain some of the negative entries on the credit report. For instance, correlating the unpaid medical bills to a time when you lost your full-time employment and health insurance could be useful. #2-Can You Offer To Sign A Shorter Lease Term To Prove Your Reliability? If the above options have not worked and the person renting the home you want still seems a bit leery of renting to you, it may be helpful to offer to sign a shorter lease. Since many people see a credit report as an excellent indicator of your future financial behavior, you may need to invest some time proving otherwise. By signing a shorter lease, you are establishing to the landlord that you will pay your rent on time and be a model tenant. When he or she is more confident of that information after a three to six-month lease has been successfully completed, you are more likely to be allowed to sign a longer lease. #3-Should You Find A Co-signer To Get Your Lease? If you know someone with good credit and the ability to be approved by your landlord, you may find that by using them as a co-signer, you can be approved more quickly. However, it is important to point out that the co-signer is taking responsibility for your obligation to pay rent on time and abide by all the rules listed on your lease. If for any reason you cannot pay or if you break the lease, your co-signer will need to comply with the lease terms. As a part of that, your co-signer may need to have a higher income than a tenant would normally. That is due to the fact that co-signers need to establish their ability to pay both their own bills and yours if you were unable to do so.  In conclusion, renting a home when your credit score is not very good...

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Selling Your Home? Be Sure To Tell Your Real Estate Agent These 4 Things

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When getting ready to sell your house, you may be fixated on a couple things. This includes what the potential selling price will be, how soon it can go on the market, and even the improvements that need to be made before you can sell. There are some things that you should tell an agent, such as at, before they can move forward to help the process go smoothly. How Much Money You Owe On Your Home This seems like a personal issue, but your agent needs to know if you are able to pay off the rest of the mortgage with the sale proceeds. A mistake that can be made is underestimating how much is actually left on the home and what is needed to pay off the loan. For example, there can be legal costs, bank fees, escrow costs, and even concessions made to the buyer. Giving your agent this information can help them understand how much you need to have the sale break even with your expenses. If Liens Are On The Property Always let an agent know if there are existing liens on your property, since you’ll need to have them resolved before your home is sold. This is because liens could take time to settle, especially disputes which are not accurate. By not disclosing this information, it will eventually come up when the buyer’s lawyer checks for a lien on your home. It could delay or stop the sale of the home later on, so get it figured out early. If There Is Property Damage If you are aware of damage that has happened to your home, such as from a basement flooding, that information must be disclosed at some point during the home buying process. It’s better that this information comes up sooner rather than later, since some buyers will back away from a home that had certain kind of damage at some point. If Your Are Behind On Mortgage Payments Will your home potentially become a foreclosure? Definitely let your real estate agent know if this is a possibility. An agreement could be made with the company that provides your mortgage to help sell the home quickly, and avoid foreclosure happening while the home is in the process of being sold. Disclosing these 4 things you’re your agent will help ensure that the sale of your home goes smoothly, rather than discovering a problem too late in the selling...

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Moving Overseas? 3 Ways To Ease Culture Shock

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Moving overseas is exciting, but it also comes with its drawbacks. When you make an international move, you’re not just leaving your house or your neighborhood, you’re leaving most of what’s familiar to you. It can be hard to adjust to your new surroundings, and this difficulty can come as a surprise if you were excited to make the move in the first place. That makes it even more difficult to handle. Take a look at some strategies that can help you minimize culture shock and settle into your new home more easily. Learn the Language If your first language is not the primary language in your new home, then it’s time for you to start learning a new language. You should start practicing as soon as you know that you’re going to be moving, if possible. If you can’t communicate well with your new neighbors, coworkers, and local merchants, you’re going to feel lonely and isolated in your new community. Even if you do speak the language in your new home country, there are probably local colloquialisms that you should put some effort into learning. Listening to language learning CDs or digital tracks in your car while you drive or while you’re doing chores like laundry or dishes can help you get the hang of a new language without taking up a lot of your time. If you’re moving with your family, you can all help each other out. Designate an hour a day – say, dinnertime – to speak to each other in your new country’s language. That way you’ll get plenty of practice. Once you make the move, don’t be afraid to test out your new language skills on the locals. Your accent may not be perfect, and you may not always know the right words, but most people will appreciate that you made the effort. Reach Out to Other Expats You can keep up with your friends and family in your old neighborhood through phone calls and the internet, but eventually you’re going to want some friends that you can actually meet up with in person. There are many ways to make friends in a new country, but one of the quickest ways to meet people is to reach out to other expats. No matter where you’re going in the world, there are almost certainly going to be others there that are just like you. Finding them can help you make some immediate connections in your new home. And you’ll already have something in common – your expat status. There are plenty of expat communities online that you can join. Find some and look for others living in the area that you’re headed to. Not only is this a good way to make friends, it’s a good way to get information about things like which local schools are best for your kids and which grocery stores have the best prices. Pack Your Carry-On Carefully One of the realities of moving overseas is that you may not see most of your household goods for a while. It’s a common choice for overseas moving companies and freight forwarders to ship items by boat, and that takes time. Plus, once your items arrive, you’ll have to wait for them to clear customs. That’s why it’s important to make...

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Four Strategy Tips For Buyers In A Seller’s Market

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If you are in the market for a new home, it is important to understand if your area is a competitive market for sellers. If so, there are some strategies that you should take to heart in order to compete with other potential offers and be ready for a fast closing process. Here are four tips if you are a potential home buyer in a seller’s market. 1. Get your Finances in Order If you are in a seller’s market, you will have to make it very clear that you mean business. This means being pre-approved for a loan and being ready to make an offer. This step of the process can add days or even weeks to getting your offer finalized. It is a good idea to know exactly how much you can afford and what type of mortgage you are pre-approved for before looking at homes. The closing process tends to move fast in seller’s markets, so make sure you are ready to act. 2. Don’t Lowball Your Offer While you might be shocked at prices in your neighborhood, if others feel comfortable with going rates and appraisals are matching the selling prices, you might be in the minority. Be sure to listen to your real estate agent if they recommend offering over the listing price in order to stay competitive with other potential buyers. 3. Get a Real Estate Agent Who Knows the Area If you are in a seller’s market, different cities and even neighborhoods can have nuances that can give one real estate agent a leg up over another. Once you hone in on the area that you would like to live, it is a good idea to find a real estate agent that is established in the area. They will be familiar with the market when it comes to comps, standard offer prices, and how quickly you should act. 4. Don’t Wait too Long to Make an Offer Getting your finances in order isn’t the only reason you might have to delay making an offer. Delays might happen if  you and your spouse aren’t on the same page or  if you are on the fence about certain neighborhoods. Even if you are just slow to make snap decisions, this can hurt you when you are working up to making an offer on your possible dream home. Buying a is a big life decision, but if you can have details sorted and your family on the same page from day one, this can cut down on your decision time. It is still possible to make a wise home buying investment in a seller’s market. If you are fully prepared for home searching as a buyer, you can be competitive with other potential buyers who will be making offers on similar homes....

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